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In 1998, while visiting friends in Colorado Springs, we, Gertrud and Ralf, discovered Victor after we had travelled up Phantom Canyon Road from Canon City.  We fell in love with the area.  At that time, we had dreams of moving to the US at some point and decided this would be the target area, if we ever were to obtain visas.


Two years later, with visas in place, we moved our family of five from Fulda, Germany, to the Victor, Colorado, area.

We had always liked baking. Ralf had even started an apprenticeship as a teenager to become a baker, but then changed to carpentry. After bringing baked goodies to many school and other functions, we had a chance to start a bakery in 2009. We started in Cripple Creek, but moved the whole operation to Victor about a year later. Since the summer of 2012 we have been located at 112 S Third Street, down the street from the Victor Lowell Thomas Museum and next to the Broom-Store (officially the Victor Trading Company).

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